Aquaponic Gardening

So what is Aquaponic Gardening or Aquaponics? Its one of the most interesting and sustainable methods to produce fresh vegetables and fruits and, freshwater fish all all at the same time in your backyard. I find it as a great weed free alternative to normal vegetable production. Its relativly maintence free (once set up) and if you shop around you can use all recycled materials like i have done.

Aquaponics combines the best traits of traditional aquaculture (fish farming) and the use of water and nutrients to growing plants (hydroponics). See my simplistic aquaponic diagram below that describes the process converting fish waste via biological means to plant nutrients to grow vegetables.

Aquaponics Process

As an example, you could use a Koi or fish Pond like i started with or fish tanks, old pots, containers like IBC tote tanks, what ever you can find to house the fish and make grow beds for veges to grow in. Then the fish will supply nutrients to your vegetable gardens like magic!

Many people find that aquaponics eliminates the disadvantages of the two systems ( Aquaculture and Hydroponics) as one supports the other in a closed loop biological system.

The following video highlights the elements i have used in my recycled Aquaponics IBC / childrens pool and existing fish pond system. I like to teach my children why i do what i do for their education so they helped me make the following video and attempt to describe to the viewer whats happening. Hope you enjoy it.



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Aquaponics also eliminates the common disadvantages of more traditional soil based vegetable gardens while improving upon existing freshwater fish farm systems. By using aquaponic techniques both fish and vegetables thrive as all required nutrients needed by plants are provided by the fish and will also act as a biologicial filter too.

This approach is really very sustainable and manybackyard vegetable growers like myself and fish enthusiasts around the country have already experienced great success and regularly produce fresh organic vegetables and tasty, clean fish together.

Heres another of my you tube videos which explains much more about how and why i use Aquaponics in the yard.

This video was my first small trial aquaponics version that i started with just as an experiment. It has some great useful information however i have built 12 other versions using recycled materials, blue drums, IBC tanks and fish ponds since i made this video and have now really perfected the system design:


Like to learn how to make a simple Aquaponics system for your backyard by attending an upcoming Workshop or – send me an email and register for the standbye list for the next workshop.








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