Aquaponics is great for the elderly

There are many benefits of an Aquaponic system that can benefit elderly gardeners. The most noteworthy benefits are the following

  • No digging in the ground is required to create plant beds
  • Very little watering is required for the system to function (save as much as 90% water)
  • No chemicals are used in the process
  • The system is sustainable
  • Production of 100% organic vegetables and fish

Aquaponics systems are self-contained and require no digging in the ground to prep the bed, heavy lifting of soils and mulches and even watering is at a minimum with the Aquaponic system.  Although there is a set-up that needs to take place with any Aquaponics system, once the system is in place there are many benefits that make it an ideal gardening system for the elderly.

Once the system(s) are in place they can generally be maintained comfortably from a seated position, making maintenance and harvesting of the containers easier for the elderly

  • Containers can be made so that those in wheelchairs can easily access them
  • Aquaponics use 90% less water, therefore watering of the system does not need to be done daily, or even weekly and can be accomplished when help is available
  • No heavy lifting is required once the system is in place. This includes things such as: hoses, watering cans, soils and mulches
  • Aquaponics systems do not require the system to be “tended to” on a daily basis. In fact they prefer not to be disturbed. This is ideal for those who cannot get out into their garden daily but still want to reap the benefits
  • Gardening in itself is therapeutic, many people report the same therapeutic effects from the Aquaponic systems as they had previously gained from their previous gardens
  • Aquaponics systems do not require much room and can be grown in a small backyard, on a patio or balcony or even indoors
  • Aquaponics systems can be grown at senior centers are part of their activity programs with little ongoing care/maintenance required, plus the residents get the benefit of the fresh vegetables
  • Fresh vegetables without having to go to the supermarket!!!

Aquaponic systems can be used to grow many varieties of vegetables and can even be used to grow flower beds. The satisfaction that comes from growing one’s own food is immeasurable. The system is being used in homes, senior citizen centers, community gardens and farms around the globe including third world projects in Haiti, Kenya, India, PNG and Mexico.

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