Aquaponics is interesting

Aquaponics is one of the most interesting and  sustainable ways to produce fresh vegetables and fruits and, at the same time, sustain a freshwater fish system all in your backyard.

Aquaponics combines the best traits of traditional aquaculture (fish farming) and the use of water and nutrients to growing plants – hydroponics.

Koi Pond supplying nutrients to my vegetables

My Koi Pond supplying nutrients to my Aquaponics system

Many enthusiasts and professional practitioners attest to the fact that aquaponics eliminates the disadvantages of the two systems as one supports the other in a closed loop biological system.

Aquaponics also eliminates the common disadvantages of more traditional soil based vegetable gardens while improving upon existing freshwater fish farm systems. By using aquaponic techniques  both fish and vegetables  thrive as all required nutrients needed by plants are provided by the fish and will also act as a biologicial filter too.

This approach is really very sustainable and many backyard vegetable growers and fish enthusiasts around the country have already experienced great success and regularly produce fresh organic vegetables and tasty, clean fish together.

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