Aquaponics on 60 minutes

Please see below for a 60 minutes article and video link to last nights story.


For many Australian families, putting enough food on the table is a daily struggle. And things will get worse before they get better.

You see the world’s got too many mouths to feed and we’re fast running out of good farming land.

It’s being overgrazed, gobbled up by sprawling cities, or sold up to foreign interests.

The solution to this global crisis might just be the return of the humble vegie patch but on a massive, modern scale.

Entire skyscrapers, housing farms, not office workers. No soil, no sunlight, no seasons.

It’s a food revolution and it’s starting right here, in our own backyard.

To read about the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop farm visit the website.

To have a look at Rosemary’s restaurant in New York City go to the website.

To read more about Dickson Despommier’s vision visit Vertical Farm.

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