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AQUQAPONICS Training Workshops

Imagine growing vegetables and fish together in your backyard and being able to eat both! Now imagine that there are no weeds, no watering, no fertilizing, no lifting or digging and the plants are growing at table height for easy access. Sound too good to be true? Well its quite simple. Aquaponics is an organic way of growing fresh organic vegetables using fish waste that acts as plant food. If you can grow vegetables the traditional way with soil or if you have ever had goldfish in a pond or fish tank than Aquaponics is for you. Once you know a few simple secretes that we will teach you,- the rest is easy.

One IBC tank simple Aquaponics system

Chinese delegation learnt how to build an aquaponics system for under $100.

Chinese Aquaponics students in Cairns

Chinese students learnt how to remove soil and replant seedlings in aquaponics grow beds






Chinese Aquaponics students clean exime Barramundi

Chinese students learnt how to conduct Aquaponics 2min maintenance.

TAquaponics Newcastle training workshops

Newcastle Aquaponics training Workshop

Aim: A one-day in depth training course is designed to teach Aquaponics theory and practice to raise both organic fish and vegetables together. This workshop will help participants understand the key principles and components necessary to build and maintain a DIY home made or commercial backyard Aquaponics system.

Target Audiance: Anyone interested in setting up a DIY home or commercial aquaponics sustainable system. I have taught school excursion groups, clubs, interested individuals, teachers, university etc.

Aquaponic Course Content:  course topics covered include:

  • Benefits of Aquaponics
  • Fish and Plant Selection
  • Different system designs: flood and drain, continuous flow, deep water culture, and vertical gardens
  • DIY backyard methods to build tanks and grow beds with recycled materials
  • Bacteria and Nitrification Cycle
  • Importance of water chemistry
  • Grow bed styles, growing media, pumps, aerators, plumbing fittings
  • DIY Fish food techniques
  • System Ratios and Start up Procedures
  • Integrated Pest species management
  • Organic Pest Control recipes
  • System maintenance

    CD full of Aquaponic Resources

    CD full of over 100 Aquaponic Resources available for $10 ( proceeds donated to Compassion child sponsorship).

An Aquaponic Resource CD jam packed with literature is included in the aquaponics workshop fee.

Course outcomes:

•A through understanding of how to build, monitor and maintain your own aquaponics system.

• Understanding of the possible benefits and pitfalls of growing plants and fish together in one sustainable aquaponics system.

• Workshops include classroom theory and/or a field trip to an existing DIY backyard Aquaponics system. Hands on opportunities throughout my aquaponics trainings may include system assembly, water testing, fish disease prevention & awareness, system cycling and maintenance activities. Throughout the day you will learn everything you need to know to help you set up and successfully operate your own Aquaponic fish and vegetable garden from your own home. You will see examples of large and small scale systems that can be grown in rental properties, units, balconies to larger farm size systems.


Assessment: There is no formal assessment.

Inclusions: Workshop participants will each receive:  a certificate of participation, handout materials, information data CD, morning & afternoon tea.

Additional Information: Aquaponics course participants are required to wear enclosed footware. An external field trip to an existing aquaponics system is included and we will spend time answering all your questions and answers on either my system or others in the region.

Accommodation: We offer bed and breakfast accommodation for those not from the area. I can accommodate large groups with self kitchen facilities etc see: https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/9245084 to see all rooms and space but during Aquaponics classes its only $40/ night/ room and extra people on mattresses are just  $10/ mattress booking direct (once the rooms are filled).


Class sizes are limited to 20 for best teaching methods.


REGISTER instantly online below or email me for DIRECT DEPOSIT, PAYPAL or to arrange an alternative Aquaponic Tour or Workshop dates/ venue:

(Part proceeds of each workshop is donated to local environmental groups and global charities to help the world go round). 


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