Cairns Aquaponics-1 year vegetable and fish growth update


I’m sorry for not updating my website much last year. I have been so busy with my family, body injuries, and working in Papua New Guinea on sustainable projects in remote villagers. Its hard being me living in two countries.The climate in Cairns is hot and humid and makes gardening the traditional method using soil quick tricky. If we get one hot day that’s it- your plants and they will wilt and burn if out in the open. The roots also can dry out and burn in the baking soil.20150911_163426

That’s why just a year after moving to Cairns I set up my sustainable Aquaponics system in the backyard. Actually I built x5 systems using all different techniques, materials and methods so I can use it as a training facility as well and teach others in sustainable gardening techniques from my greenhouse.

After the hot 40 degrees days, the flooding, cyclone season and wallabies eating my vegetable garden,  Aquaponics just makes sense in queensland or anywhere else in Australia or the world. Aquaponics can be used in basements, on roof tops in fish tanks, inside or out. Your time and imagination is the only thing limiting you in the design. I once made one in a fish tank and also converted an old swimming pool. These are so many possibilities.

Just one year after building my system its good to be able to report that my Barramundi and Jade perch are growing very well and still have a veracious appetite. The Barra range in size but after 12 months growth are between  20- 30cm and the Perch are about 15-25cm but fatter.

aquaponics tomatoes

Tomatoes growing out of control through my greenhouse roof

We still have tomatoes flowering and fruiting. They are growing through the greenhouse shade cloth and just wont stop. I estimate we have produced maybe 10kg each month. That’s way too many for us and we either give them away or make chutneys and sources.


Last year saw me install Solar power, burry the  electricity cable, mentor the community in sustainable gardening .

Over all we have 60 varieties of herbs and vegetables all thriving in our backyard Aquaponics system.

Far north Queensland is an ideal location for Aquaponics with it hot and humid weather. Plants are exploding and I’ve had no trouble with any plant disease, fish disease.

In 2016, due to high demand from neighbors and then word of mouth advertising, I have decided to run additional local Aquaponics training  courses as more and more people are turning green and wish to build, practice DIY solutions to our countries waste and food security issues.

If you need any help think about coming to do a days course with me before you start building. The Aquaponics training is a way to share ideas too and learn from everyone’s collective experiences.


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