Chineese School visits Cairns for DIY Aquaponics advise

Chinese Aquaponics students in Cairns

Chinese students learnt how to remove soil and replant seedlings in aquaponics grow beds


Chinese Aquaponics students clean exime Barramundi

Chinese students learnt how to conduct Aquaponics 2min maintenance.


Cairns Aquaponics systems were inspected thoroughly last Thursday by a travelling Chinese university student delegation  and they left impressed with how Aquaponics vegetables, Barramundi and Jade Perch are growing out of control and thriving in the tropical environment of Cairns when other traditional agricultural vegetable gardens are ever consuming water to avoid drying out.

The day consisted of both classroom theory introduction to Aquaponics and a practical component where students learnt how they could build an aquaponics one tank system for less than $100 themselves using second hand materials.




One participant in the 1 day Aquaponics course said “ I cannot believe how all the plants are so healthy” another commented how impressed she was using “mostly recycled materials and turned scrap waste into a sustainable garden and food for your family and saw a direct application to feed several families in China”.


One IBC tank simple Aquaponics system

Chinese delegation learnt how to build an aquaponics system for under $100.

Each participant learnt  they can grow food in small spaces on roof tops, basements, verandas or window kitchen sils. Your not limited by space. Participants learnt that even on a vertical wall they are able to utilise it and produce food. The knowledge that individuals are able to grow their own food easily and knowing where their food was being produced was inspiring. “The health benefits of Aquaponics is great”.

“Globally the world transports food everyday and as consumers we never know how that food has been produced or where and what chemicals have been used to grow it”.

It was an exciting day of Aquaponics at Cairns.


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