Getting Started in Aquaponics

Getting started with aquaponics isn’t as difficult as it seems all you need is a little knowledge, patience and proper planning. Here are a few things to consider when planning your aquaponics system in your backyard .

Your Needs: One of the first steps before getting started with aquaponics is to decide how many people you intend to feed. An aquaponics system with one grow bed and IBC Aquaponics500lt fish tank could easily feed a family of 4 if done properly. It is also important to consider your location should your needs increase in the future or should you decide to expand your system.

The ratio of plants and fish in an aquaponics system is a reflection on the available filtration capacity or growbed size. In theory you should start with a 1:1 ratio- water in the growbeds should be equal to the amount of water available in your growbeds when your starting off, however after about 6 months you can increase the number of growbeds as your bacteria are well established.small baby pool aquaponics system

 Fish: Before deciding the type of fish for your system you should first consider what you intend to do with them. If you do not wish to harvest your fish to eat and or you are vegetarian you can use non edible ornamental  fish such as Koi or Goldfish. Depending on where you live will determine your fish species choices. In Australia you can use trout, catfish, silver or jade perch, yabbies, barramundi, murray cod  to name a few. All are excellent fish choices for your aquaponics system. It is important to note that too many fish in your aquaponics system will result in too much waste being produced so that the plants would not be able to consume it all. It may also lead to rapid fish death if you starve them of oxygen.

Plants: When it comes to plants, herbs and leafy vegetables are good first  choices. Your aquaponics system can provide you with an endless supply of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and many other fruits and vegetables. It is important that your plant to fish ratio be maintained for your system to produce the expected yield and thrive.

Planning Ahead:  At some point you may wish to expand your system. Before attempting this I strongly suggest that you first get familiar with what aquaponics is and how it all works before you embark on a larger sized system. With this being said you should take this into consideration before selecting your location as it will be much easier to maintain a single system vs. multiple ones. And always start small and increase it as your knowledge increases in time.

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