How do we reform global industrial agriculture?

Food for thought- Whats water doing? How can we assist our planets water resources?

The introduction of fossil fuels into agriculture reduced much human suffering around the world — but it also created a massive spike in global population, creating an ever-growing need for more food. While our population continues to grow exponentially in every country, our resources for growing food — from oil (for fuel) and natural gas (for fertilizer) to freshwater and topsoil — are rapidly depleting around the world. The price of food is also a real concern as resources increase in value.

Eating organic and eating local helps minimise fuel transport issues yet are only part of the solution. How do we reform global industrial agriculture so that we can feed nearly seven billion people (and rising) without wasting precious resources needed for at least the rest of the century? How do we build the food resilience of communities which have grown dependent on food supply chains built for a world of cheap oil?

The video below helps explain these issues clearly. Its long at (45mins) however raises some good points for further consideration, thought and action.

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