Hunter Organic Growers Society- Aquaponics Open Day

HOGS 13 April cLast weekend I learnt that i can comfortably  fit 50 people into my small backyard. I opened my backyard by request to Hunter Organic Growers Society and saw a flood of interest in my fish, yabbies, veges and Aquaponics ways.

Most people had not seen Aquaponics in action and the day was filled with questions and answers- a great day of education. Many people assumed that Aquaponics was complicated and costly but i was able to showcase what i have achieved in my backyard with mostly recycled materials, limited financial resources, time and effort. It was a great day to highlight the need for home grown food production regardless of land area that you have available.

HOGS 13 April dWe discussed how fish waste essentially provides all the nutrients required to grow my vegetables which sit above the ground at waist height, how maintenance free the design is, weed free and a simple inexpensive  design. The growing space is utilized in a much more efficient and effective manner to most peoples traditional vegetable gardens that require greater land area.  I took some time discussing the water’s pH and carefully timed siphon system as well as the addition of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients that are important to successful growing results.

At the end of the day- When it works, it works! You don’t necessarily have to understand how- just try it. The fish and bacteria do all the work for you.

Aquaponics not only saves you time in the garden but it’s a sustainable solution to save you so much money as well. Almost anyone can garden with Aquaponics!

hogs 13 April


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