Living elements in Aquaponics Systems

Aquaponics has four major living organisims- Fish, Plants, Bacteria  and Worms. In fact the humble worm is a key component of a thriving Aquaponics set up. Add a few handfulls to  each of your gravel grow beds for fast sucess. Worms play a key role in decomposing fish and plant waste that accumulates in the gravel grow beds. Worms both take advantage of this material and release the mineralsback into the system for plant use, and also keep the gravel beds free from clogging. A system with worms will never need cleaning. A system with out the little guys may need to be cleaned every year. 

Worms can thrive in very wet conditions assuming they are provided with some oxygen.  As worms love moisture your providing the ultimate habitat, since apart from the high moisture, worms would also greatly appreciate the rich microbial buffet laid out before them. Add to this the fact that worm bi-products have been shown time and time again (via academic studies) to help stimulate plant growth via and it seems like a no-brainer to stock a grow bed with them for sucess. Yet its suprising how many people dont do it.

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