Organic Worm Tea reduces insect attack in Aquaponics

235899 I always comment that the number one secret to Aquaponics is compost worms in the grow beds to reduce maintenance and to help plant function. But have you ever sprayed your plants leaves with worm tea to create healthier plants? Worm tea is easy to make at home and has the following benefits:

• Worm casting are pure organic worm castings and not vermin-compost.

• By spraying the worm tea on your plants (under the leaves as well as on top) and over your seed trays (seed nursery), you’re adding nutrients directly to your growing plants and making them healthier and minimizing any potential problems.

• Since you’re spraying the leaves and fruit/vegetables, pathogens are less likely to attack your plants because you’re adding beneficial microbes (very important to healthy plant growth) to the surface of the plants.

• Worm casting tea used as a foliar spray is beneficial and controls many fugal problems like black spot, black mildew and tomato blight, to mention a few.

• Testing proves that there are microorganism properties in the worm casting tea that act as an insect repellent for many insects such as aphids, white fly, spider mites, and other small bugs that eat plant juices. This is due to enzyme released in the worm tea called chitinase which will dissolve chitin which is the exoskeleton of an insect.

You can make your Organic Worm-Castings Tea in as little as 4 hours and 98% of that time is allowing the tea to brew or sit and brew prior to application in your aquaponics system. Easy to make. Easy to spray. Great for your aquaponics system.


Ingredients and equipment required:

Cup Worm Castings which is 100% organic and supplies a natural source of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron for your plants.

Water from your fish tank. Use tap water only when it has been left to sit for a week to remove the chlorine.

Let a kitchen blender to do the work to mix and aerate the worm casting tea.

Use a wire mesh strainer (mesh strainer works better than a spaghetti colander) or a cloth (cheese cloth or old hosiery) to line the strainer (the tea has to pass through your sprayers nozzle so make sure the filter is smaller then the particles in the brewed tea, so strain well). If the worm casting tea is not well strained, it will clog up your sprayer.


1.Pour water into a kitchen blender  if you have one or use a bucket and an fish tank airstone. See pics.

2.Turn on the blender or air stone and let it run for about a minute at a relatively high speed to entrain air into the water oxygenating it.

3.Remove the lid and then carefully add the one cup of Worm Castings tea.

4.Put back the lid back on the blender and run it at full speed for one to two minutes, turn off and then let the mixture sit for 2-4 hours .

5.Set up the strainer with the cloth liner to drain into the large bucket with the rest of the water.

6.Very slowly and carefully pour the mixture through the strainer/cloth into the bucket with the remaining water. The drainage gets slower and slower so you may want to stop and change filters to speed up the process.

7.Stop pouring when the heavier remains start to flow out of the blender.

8.Stir the worm casting tea thoroughly.

9.Pour the resulting liquid into sprayer. Note, the color of the Worm Casting Tea can be VERY black.

10.Now you can spray your plants on the top and underside of leaves.

11.Use all of the mixture within a few days as it may start to ferment if you leave it in the sprayer longer than one day.

12.BIG BENEFIT: Worm Casting Tea can be made in a matter of HOURS not days!

Note: Use the remaining casting residue left in the strainer cloth and blender on your indoor or outdoor plants, or your yard, at the base of a plant or tree. DO NOT PUT LEFT-OVER WORM CASTING RESIDUE INTO IN YOUR AQUAPONICS GROW TRAY as it will alter the pH over time.

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