Port Stephens Council Aquaponics Workshop

Last weekend marked a great day of Aquaponics introduction training for the Port Stephens, NSW residents. This workshop gave an introduction to the principles and practical DIY methods using recycled materials to build and maintain a homemade backyard Aquaponics system.

Although the local government elections and voting got in the way, once everyone  finished that task the Aquaponic Gardener gave an great introduction to DIY backyard aquaponics technique and application. The talk focused on the need to find sustainable gardening and agriculture methods in food production to reduce food miles, increase food security and generally live in a more sustainable manner. Over 100 different styles of aquaponic systems were shown which really changed mindsets. The conversion of swimming pools and growing flowers in aquaponics were topics that had the crowd on the edge of their seat.

 see the following link for the full sustainable living program: Port Stephens Council Sustainable Living posterJuly 2012

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