Silver Perch Fingerlings

Yesterday I received a shipment of 200, 3-4cm Silver Perch and they are now available for sale to anyone that would like to come and collect them from me. Remember its not fingerling season so its pretty rare to find any at the moment. My supplier has given me a bulk discount and breeds them with heaters over winter. silver perch fingerlings- great for aquaponic systems

Look after your fish

When you get your fish you should do everything you can keep them cool. With the rising temperatures each day the fish will suffer if you don’t handle them correctly.

  1. Simple fish transport tips
  2. Dont leave the fish bag in a parked vehicle in the sun.  You will cook them for sure.
  3. Dont leave the fish bag exposed to the sun.
  4. Dont place your fish in a fridge or freezer or cool room to lower the temperature as this will be too cold for them and they may die.
  5. Dont open the bag until you are home in your backyard and ready to add them to your tank or Aquaponics system.

Fish cannot survive long without oxygen so don’t open the bag. Try to avoid releasing your new fingerlings in the middle of a hot day. Young fingerlings or any other fish, will not be comfortable in bright sunlight or heat.  Try and release your fingerlings very early or late in the day to avoid the mid day heat and to give the little guys the best start in your new environment.

Carefully open the plastic bag so that you don’t puncture the bag. Float the bag in your fish tank for about 20 minutes to allow water temperatures to adjust.  Then after this time add a litre of your tank water into the bag to help the temperature adjustment process and also this will help with any pH balances too. Continue floating the bag for a further 5 mins and then you can release all the fish into your tank and let them swim away into the water.

If the day you intend to release your fingerlings is overcast and not too hot, you may find the above process will not be required. Temperature is the main reason for slowly mixing water. If you feel the temperature on the surface of your Aquaponic system or fish tank dam is the same or very close to the temperature of the water the fingerlings are packed in and you know that your pH is neutral, and then you may simply release the fingerlings directly from their bag into your tank after 10mins.

Another reason for the above mixing process is, when the fingerlings have been held in their bag for an extended length of time it can cause the level of carbon dioxide to build up in the packing water. In the presence of high oxygen the fingerlings can survive the high concentration of carbon dioxide, but they may go into shock if they are added too quickly to water that has normal levels of oxygen. Therefore the mixing process should be followed whenever fish have been held in bags more than 6 hours.

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