USA University student studies Cairns Aquaponics system

Hi, my name is Brennan Cross,  an undergraduate university student performing research into the exciting field of aquaponics.

I’m from the United States but thanks to SIT World Learning and the University of Vermont, I have had the opportunity to study here in Australia for a few months at the Redlynch Aquaponics Training Center.

Since I was 14 years old, I worked on a vegetable farm in my Hometown of Simsbury, Connecticut. Naturally over the course of seven summers growing food, I developed an appreciation and interest in agriculture in its different forms. I recently discovered the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics as a sustainable agriculture practice and it immediately piqued my interest.

I met the energetic Rod Ingersoll, aka the Aquaponic Gardener, by chance shortly after arriving in Australia and he’s been kind enough to allow me to perform a modest experiment in his ingeniously designed aquaponics system while I conduct my research.

usa aquaponics research in cairns

USA University Student Brennan Cross conducts Aquaponics research in Cairns

Through a series of installments, I’ll share the results of my research as well as the progress and outcome of my small experiment.

Hopefully I can be of some help to those like me who are interested in how this process works.

I plan to update you with the following over the coming month:





Part 1: Plant Needs and How Fish Provide them;

Part 2: Aquaculture and Hydroponics: What are they and how are they natural allies? (System types and designs);

Part 3: My Experiment Design and setup;

Part 4: Experiment Progress;

Part 5: Results;

Cheers, Brennan Cross






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