What if im a Vegetarian and dont eat fish?

In most cases you start an aquaponics system as you wish to reuse a waste product and harvest two food commodities- both fish and vegetables. BUT- I have been asked many times what do i do if i don’t want to eat the fish in my aquaponics system? My usual response is, well it just doesn’t matter- don’t eat them im sure the fish will thank you for it. When you think about it, we only need the fish for their “waste product”to provide nutrients to our vegetables. So if your a vegetarian or if you cannot quite bring Koi can be used in Aquaponicsyourself to catch and kill your fish for consumption then why not use ornamental goldfish or koi.

There are many really strong bennifits to using ornamental fish in aquaponics systems. Koi and goldfish look fantastic, they are really hardy fish, grow really quickly and produce a great deal of waste that you can use for your vegetables. Koi and goldfish are also very tolerant of pH and temperature fluctuations.

If your going to use ornamental fish you might as well dig a pond in your backyard for a great visual effect. Its great to use recycled containers for aquaponic fish tanks but in this case you really want to view the fish. A pond can easily form a really great feature for your yard.

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