The Aquaponic Gardener has multiple qualifications in Environmental Resource Management, is a Certified Environmental Practitioner /Consultant and has over 18 years experience in Environmental Management, Community Development, Climate Change science, Sustainability, Aquaponics, Agricultural, training and development in Australia, Soloman Islands and Papua New Guinea.

He has developed systems to manage and train local indigenous staff in over 300 community development short courses throughout Papua New Guinea and Australia. Courses have included village water supply, land management, chicken farming, duck farming, fish farming, carpentry, village leadership, hygiene and sanitation, literacy, sewing, local markets establishment, vegetable, potato and coffee farming.

Rodney has worked with and made presentations to all manner of stakeholders involved in environmental, agricultural and cultural heritage projects including local government, the general public, indigenous land-owners, external contractors and company personnel. He has published over 50 newspaper and magazine articles on environmental sustainability topics. He speaks fluent pidgin (PNG/Solomons) and English and strives to share his DIY practical agricultural and environmental knowledge through this website and his sustainable training workshops with the local community, developing nations and Australian communities.

Rod Ingersoll aka- Aquaponic GardenerSome of Rodney’s greatest achievements have been teaching and assisting thousands of villagers in Community Development outcomes including working with the Salvation Army and Rotary International managing aid projects throughout PNG.

Recently, Rodney was awarded with an unexpected PNG Independence Medal of honour and a HRH Queens Jubilee Medal from Buckingham Palace for his efforts in Sustainable Agriculture and Community Service.  Rod has also received a Community Service Medal of honor for his tireless commitment serving the community.

Rodney is married with 3 beautiful kids. He works full time  in the areas of Sustainable agriculture, Community Development & Environmental Management in PNG and Australia and also conducts occasional weekend workshops and talks on Aquaponic gardening, Biodiversity, Sustainable living, assisting community groups and schools apply for grants to implement sustainability into the workplace or school.

If you would like Rodney to speak to your group, organisation in any environmental or agricultural  capacity just send an email and he will respond as soon as possible.

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