Aquaponic Training Workshops:

Training workshops   1/2 day Aquaponics training workshops

   1 day Aquaponics training workshops

   2 day Aquaponics training workshops  including practical demonstrations to build an  Aquaponics system

   Ad hoc Guest lectures in Aquaponics to Community Groups, schools, Universities, Nurseries and Local Government

   Field trips to host small groups to visit my Aquaponics systems at my residence to help interested people visually understand how things can work.

   School excursions to my home Aquaponics system to ask questions in chemistry, biology, vegetable gardening, marine studies, fish science;



Community Group Aquaponic Assistance Service

Aquaponics Design and Consulting to Schools, Universities, Business, Colleges and individuals.

Grant writing Service for Schools and community organisations to help you gain grant funds to start an aquaponics project. I can provide cost estimates, advice and deliver the work for you.


School Environmental Education

I offer greenhouse tours to my Aquaponic gardening food systems for school excursions where we can hold aquaponics questions and answer discussions, showcase different vegetable gardening techniques, look at water quality, fish husbandry, organic pesticides, fish food, design etc.



I have developed a range of presentations including: 30min, 1-2hr, half day and full day aquaponics training packages to suit your individual school education needs. I can provide notes on cd, usb, handouts too if required and happy to work with you to ensure I meet your requirements.

As an environmental educator majoring in biodiversity and environmental management, I can also discuss other environmental topics in the school curriculum as requested and happy to incorporate them into a field trip to my garden or travel to your school environmental event.

Topics that I could also talk on include: Composting, Solider fly larvae, Food forests, Organic approach, Permaculture, Waste management, Storm water, Water quality, Creeks and rivers Restoration, Energy efficiency, Water bug identification, Water chemistry, DIY skills, Ecology, Biology, Biodiversity, Rainforests, Threatened species, Environmental audits, Environmental Management Systems, the Reef etc.

Over the years I have conducted hundreds of school talks, events, led tours, spotlighting walks, frog, reptile, mammal and bird wildlife spotting walks and conducted displays on behalf of both National Parks and Wildlife Service and several local Governments. Just let me know how to best assist your school or organization.



Guest Speaker

The Aquaponic Gardener is often asked to speak at community groups, as a guest lecture, as agriculture, biology, ecology teachers at school. I am always happy to assit where possible.



water chemistry testing

  Water Chemistry testing

Water quality directly effects fish and bacteria health and poor water quality can lead to fish disease or death. To maintain a good balanced aquaponics system for your fish pond or aquarium I can provide onsite chemical water testing. I can test all the following and offer advice and assistance on water chemistry in your Aquaponics system eg (pH), Nitrite (NO2), Nitrate (NO3), Ammonium/ammonia(NH4/NH3)  Cost just $50 per test (includes mileage).







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