Apart from the quality education materials offered through the Cairns Aquaponics training center workshops, The Aquaponic Gardner has a few products to sell including a CD resource and occasionally offeres a bulk fish and food orders. Over time i will also be selling bell siphon kits for your convenience.

CD full of Aquaponic Resources

CD full of over 100 Aquaponic Resources available for $10 ( proceeds donated to Compassion child sponsorship).


My Aquaponic Resources CD contains over 200 Aquaponic gardening, aquaculture and hydroponic scientific papers, magazine articles, newspaper articles, ebooks and everything i can find on the aquaponics topic. Its essentially additional research that i have collected to create my action packed aquaponic workshops. Most it is all freely available on teh web yet it has taken me years to find it all and put it in one location which is a great resource for anyone that’s starting the hobby or someone thats experienced and just needs a little bit of further reading.

The CD available for purchase on the day of each workshop for $10 and also available to be posted anywhere in Australia for just $13.95 including postage. 

The sale of these aquaponics resources cds support Compassion Child Sponsorship to assit Children in developing countries.





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